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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in the dark. striking images of entire neighborhoods destroyed. >> exhausting just to exist. >> now a powerful nor'easter is bearing down threatening more power outages and weary residents begging for relief. >> no power, no gas, no nothing. >> mighty tough out there. good morning, it's thursday november 8. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6:00. east coast residents still recovering from hurricane sandy were hit again overnight. a nor'easter pounded the area with snow, rain and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. the storm is creating a deadly situation for those without power after sandy. it's put recovery efforts on hold. right now cbs 5 is manning with the red cross to partnering with other groups to help out. roberta gonzales is in our help center. >> reporter: i'm proud to be part of cbs 5's hurricane
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relief fund telethon. i'm going to be here from now until 7 p.m. each and every minute trying to raise a dollar from each and every one of you out there. so we're not leaving here until we have your support to help our friends across the country. in fact, we would like to give you a recap on what's happened over the past 7 days. it's been the american red cross, they have been there for the entire country in this will the battle for hurricane sandy. the red cross has served more than a million meals and snacks providing more than 17,000 health services and the emotional support contacts for people affected by sandy. now, get this stat. shelters have provided nearly 90,000 overnight stays and still today, this morning, 53,000 people are waking up in red cross shelters across the east coast. the red cross has also deployed more than 5300 disaster worker, 60 trailers of relief supplies. this has been going on every day since last monday. it's continuing this morning
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with the latest storm that has given it a one-two punch with this nor'easter grounding airlines' planes yesterday and sending more people to shelters, so today we're asking you for your support. just call 1-888-5-helps-u. or text 90999. we're here from now until 7:00 tonight but still, we have a little bit of business to take care of so we're bringing in lawrence karnow here. good morning, lawrence. >> good morning. now what the good news is? we just opened the phone lines and i'm starting to hear the phones ringing so keep calling in folks. people will be here all day long. you never know who you're going to be talking to. >> can we show them? >> let's show them now. who is that? that is mr. liam mayclem. yeah. very, very busy on the phone already. i think we have randy hahn. >> randy hahn from the san jose sharks, he is the voice of the san jose shark. he scores! that's right. we are scoring right now with some phone calls. this is great. keep calling in here. 1-888-5-helps-u.
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we have weather in the bay area, showers trying to show up right now. it is quiet here as we have really -- it's going to take some time for this area of low pressure to work down the coast. so hi-def doppler is quiet but that will likely change. look at the rain making its way along the north coast and that will slide down toward the bay area as we head in toward the middle of the day and the afternoon. so with that in mind, it is cool and a bit brisk outside right now. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon highs only in the 50s and 60s. so chilly weather here around the bay area. even cooler than it was yesterday. get ready more showers on the way again if you want to call in and help, 1-888-5-helps-u. you neverwho you're going to be talking -- you never know who you'll be talking to. >> live on the bay bridge it's busy behind the pay gates. it's because of a couple of problems now on the upper deck of the bay bridge.
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first they just cleared an accident minor fender-bender near the harrison street off- ramp. let's go to our maps crowded up the incline because they have a stall before treasure island. look what that's doing to the commute. they turned on the metering lights early. they turned them on a few minutes ago so this is again about 15 minutes earlier than typical. and it is already stacking up beyond the overcrossing so it's going to be a busy morning getting into san francisco from the east bay. bart is continuing to recover right now delays are five to 10 minutes basically between south san francisco and colma. all other bart lines in fact all other mass transit is so far on time. quick check of the east bay 880 looking good past the oakland coliseum up towards downtown. that is traffic. back to you guys >> thank you. just as crews were getting the power back on, the nor'easter knocked it out again. nearly 200,000 customers on the east coast are without power. some residents haven't had power or heat for ten nights. this is an aerial view of that area right now. you can see a lot of snow on the ground there. they are dealing with all of
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this snow and, of course, the cold, downtown electrical wires stopping trains in long island. new york city officials are urging people to leave low- lying areas but no mandatory evacuations. many are staying behind because they are afraid of looting. >> everything that i own is here. i'm trying to save it. my wife, my kids, my best friend mike, and i'm just going to lose everything. i mean, my body is shutting down. >> reporter: just heartbreaking there. the nor'easter also canceled hundreds of flights including more than two dozen to and from sfo. and the storm is moving into new england this morning. >> and new york and new jersey are getting a look at the new damage now that daylight is there. teresa brewer joins us -- teresa garcia -- pardon me --
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teresa garcia, there we go. she joins us now, pardon that. and tell us, how are the folks doing? we know folks on the east coast are resilient. but we just heard an interview with a gentleman, tough... >> reporter: well, yes. like the interview you just heard, it's heart-wrenching. people have these stories of just massive destruction, their lives turned around, personal belongings gone, many people also lost loved ones who died or got hurt. on the flip side from the heart- wrenching you have the heartwarming. people are really pulling together very resilient here in this community. many staying put because they say they doesn't want to go to shows shelters. they can make do in their homes. they survived sandy. they will put up with this nor and they also want protect their homes from looters. so they are pooling resources in the sense of generators or fireplaces or some ways they can heat up, share blankets and making do. this weather will change soon and they will have more ability to clean up.
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>> have you seen a lot of people evacuating? i have a friend in rockaway beach who had to evacuate when sandy hit and decided to stick around when this second storm hit. have you seen a lot of people heading out? >> reporter: actually plenty of the people we spoke with stuck out sandy. and then they said this one was not going to be an issue if they could have survived that one. there were evacuation orders put in by mayor bloomberg but they were not mandatory in this sense. and you also as you travel along the streets here see some house angles with signs where those buildings or those homes are unsafe but many more people sticking around than i would have thought after sandy. >> how about power outages? some people got electricity on for a moment and boom, get hit with thi nor'easter. is there hope to turn the tide? >> reporter: they have the workforce plowing and trying to get the power lines on. they brought in so many crews
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from around the nation including trucks, as well. but there's no real estimation as to when because like you said some people did get their power back on then you have this heavy snow. in downed some trees, which brought more power outages. so off and on you probably have close to a million people in the tri-state area without power. so it's tough during this cold weather. >> okay. well, teresa garcia in rockaway beach, new york, thank you so much. we're going to have a reminder. we're answering your phone calls right now at 1-888-5- helps-u to help you help the victims. sandy. 1-888-5-helps-u. if the line is busy, keep trying. every donation you can him of the whatever you can do even a dollar, it goes to the victims of sandy. >> whatever it is. if you heard that gentleman, it looked like he was in his garage with a heating system on. it's just been devastating out there. so whatever you can do. we're going to have more on the nor'easter coming up in a moment. first it's back to sleep for guests at a local hotel who
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were rousted early this morning because of an emergency situation. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec joins us now from burlingame to explain what led to the hotel's evacuation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a carbon monoxide leak, it evacuated this entire nine story hotel behind me. the embassy suites on anza boulevard in burlingame. the whole thing was evacuated at 1 a.m. hundreds of people, the hotel was at capacity. the fire department got a call around 12:0 and determined that there were high levels of carbon monoxide coming from a boiler that was broken. they immediately evacuated those guests, first sounding an alarm then getting on a bull horn telling people to get up and go outside. >> my two coworkers slept national car for an hour trying to keep warm. the unknown factor is probably the most difficult thing. >> reporter: it was about 3 hours before the all clear was
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given by the hazmat team and the health department. that was about 4 a.m. carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and deadly. luckily no injuries but there was a medical call last night around 6:30. and firefighters won't say exactly what the issue was with this person but the person was taken to the hospital and they are investigating whether or not that was connected to the carbon monoxide leak. live in burlingame, anne makovec, cbs 5. new this morning, preparations under way to force san francisco's sheriff out of office. a group of women expected to announce next week that it plans to try to remove ross mirkarimi from office. they are encouraged by tuesday's defeat of one of the supervisors who voted to keep mirkarimi as sheriff. the group would have to collectician is the to put a recall on the ballot. they hope to do that by next june. happening now, 100 people are getting free chicken sandwiches for an entire year from chik-fil-a in walnut creek. they had to work for it. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is
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there. i guess from small children to grandfathers they are all outside waiting, aren't they? >> reporter: frank, yes. it is quite the family event here this morning. if you look now, those first 100 are already going in. they have their coupons for their free chicken sandwiches for a year and they are coming in. basically, grand opening or kicking off the grand opening of this new chik-fil-a. actually i have one of those first 100 here with me. i have colin knightley coming up here. you just walked through and were part of the first 100. talk me about th. >> i'm so excited. i never waited outside for anything. it was chilly but it was a good time, food, drinks, games all day. i feel really rewarded. >> reporter: now he has his prize with him of but we want to make note that it is not all fun and celebrations. later on today a protest is
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expected to take place here at the chik-fil-a. a peaceful demonstration is planned. the protests start after the chik-fil-a president spoke out against gay marriage. again those protests are planned at 9:00 this morning. but back out live we see there's still a lot of excitement. people coming into the store as part of the grand opening and so it is expected to be a busy morning here in walnut creek. live in walnut creek. back to you in the studio. >> nothing like fast food at 6 a.m. thank you. less than a half hour away from the opening bell. the "fiscal cliff" concerns that caused the dow to plunge yesterday. we'll have a report and pint- sized politics. the "cool school" that is teaching students a very powerful lesson in democracy. and, of course, our phone lines are now open. cbs 5 teaming up with the red cross to help all the victims of sandy. you can donate right now. all you have to do is pick up your phone. 1-888-5-helps-u.
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byby the way, if the phones are busy, keep calling. a lot of folks are calling in now. but please join in. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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toss traffic toss traffic ts traffi we are back at the call center taking calls and donations to help the victims of hurricane sandy and also this new nor'easter storm that's just hit the east coast. we want to show you some video. we have been giving you stories these past couple of weeks of
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people who lost everything. they have lost their homes, they lost their businesses. and their livelihood. over the past week, red cross has provided shelter for more than 90,000 people and right now, it's amazing, 53,000 people still remain in those red cross shelters in the east coast so they really need a lot of help. and the red cross is serving more than a million meals an snacks so far so they need money to provide help. we have shown you these images over the past couple of weeks of everything happening on the east coast. now those areas are hit now with a blanket of snow in new jersey. 400 power outages are still going on this morning. 20,000 of those are new power outages and, of course, in new york city, where we have seen lots of images, more than 70,000 customers are still without power. they are without heat.
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a lot of them have lost everything. so please call 1-888-5-helps-u. you can donate anything, even a dollar helps, lawrence. >> a dollar would be fantastic. i got to tell you somebody just called in and donated $1,000! >> wow. >> thank you so much. keep calling in. love to hear the phone calls. and you might get to talk to one of the celebrities here in the bay area. >> i have to tell you the raiderettes are going to be making a showing and we have liam mayclem, randy hahn star of the san jose sharks. the voice there. and, of course, lawrence karnow. >> and michelle griego. [ laughter ] >> we are down here right now. hey, folks, we have some showers though to talk about today. things staying unsettled around the bay area. it is cool and brisk this morning if you are head outside today. we have hi-def doppler checking out looking for raindrops. no rain just yet but that will likely change toward the middle of the day and the afternoon. cold front swinging through overnight. behind that we're waiting for that low to approach the coast. as it does, the rain will likely begin to pick up outside. so it is a cool brisk start, breezy out there right now.
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showers today a little blustery toward the afternoon. the possibility of even an isolated thunderstorm. and it looks like we'll keep things unsettled not only today but into tomorrow and maybe saturday morning, as well. so that high pressure ridge that brought you sunshine is long gone. it's back to wintry weather. carry that umbrella if you are heading out. the temperatures are going to stay cool. you will see those clouds rolling through and a chance of showers developing especially in the middle of the day and into the afternoon. and then it looks like things staying unsettled right into friday possibly into saturday morning. so the temperatures are going to stay way down. grab a jacket, 50s and 60s outside. and then looks like over the next few days we are going to keep things unsettled. dry weather returns over the weekend, possibility of more rain toward next tuesday. we are going to be down here all day long for the telethon. call in if you can and help out, too. that's the latest from here. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. a busy morning already on the bay
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bridge because of a couple of different incidents. fender-bender near the harrison street off-ramp is gone. then a stall up the incline was blocking one lane so this is what's left for the morning drive. unfortunately it's stacked up through the macarthur maze. they turned on the metering lights by the way before 6:00. so that is super early. san mateo bridge looks great in the commute direction that's still about a 15-minute drive time out of hayward heading toward foster city over the high-rise towards the peninsula. still quiet. let's go get a check of the nimitz because we are getting word of a new issue, northbound 880 a big rig blocking the embarcadero off-ramp so not impacting the main lines of the freeway yet no major delays but we'll let you know if that changes. 16 minutes on northbound northbound between 238 and the maze. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. the election gave president obama four more years and provided a learning opportunity
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for children in the bay area. what's a democrat, what's a republican? >> obama, romney! >> reporter: san mateo's saint gregory school has gone political. they held their own town hall meeting to get the inside scoop on all things presidential. >> i'm barack obama today. >> reporter: it's the real deal complete with signage, balloons, even a little romney gray hair. and at 300-plus question-happy electorate who weren't shy about grilling the candidates. >> what are you planning to do about the cuts in funding to schools and colleges? >> reporter: questions on education to healthcare, this political pair of 8th graders held their own and added a little personal touch. >> i would like to promote more school work to the kids not like adding homework but just doing more in the classroom. >> what is your plan for homeless people in america? >> if you give a man a fish, he can eat for a day.
6:22 am
but if you teach a man to fishings he will be fed for a lifetime. >> i just think there is more learning when you take the time do something like this than we could ever teach in the classroom and with books. >> don't forget to vote. >> once they are [ indiscernible ] age and generation, they understand it more and they take a little more seriously. >> voting makes a difference. >> reporter: it sure does. and these kids even got a chance to vote. as for the candidates' political aspirations? >> a little bit yeah. >> i learned that probably not going to run for president. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a yea and nay. it's unanimous, saint gregory's is this week's "cool school." >> that's cool. >> sister sharon's students were on the money. they voted in president obama. the 320 kids and guess what, they all cast their ballots. mr. obama won by 20, 53% of the
6:23 am
vote. submit your nomination for "cool school" to our website, and michelle or i will come and feature school on the show. newest and biggest outlet malls in the bay area just hours away from opening. we'll have a report on that. and we're answering your phone calls this morning to help the victims of sandy. 1-888-5-helps-u. whatever you can do to help. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a live look at our cbs 5 cal our cbs 5 call center. we're taking your calls and donats for our hurricane relief fu. cbs 5 is teaming up with thd elp the victims of a live look at our cbs 5
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call center. we are taking calls and donations for our hurricane relief fund. cbs 5 is teaming up with the red cross to help the victims of hurricane sandy. you can see some of the callers there, that is a raiderette. >> where's lawrence? >> i don't know where he went. roberta gonzales is down there as well as well as liam mayclem. we are going to have the mayor of san francisco and also of oakland down there as well taking your calls. just dial 1-888-5-helps-u or go to we want to tell you we have already reached $2,000 and only answering calls for almost half hour. >> almost half hour. a lot of generous people and folks just waking up. if you can help out, we appreciate it. the major league soccer play-offs have ended for the san jose earthquakes. >> the l.a. galaxy pulled off the upset in santa clara last night winning the two game conference semifinal by 3-2. the quakes had the best record in the regular season but that season
6:28 am
is over. new orleans play of the day. the hornets get a sixers turnover and vazquez sends a long alley-oop to al-farouq aminu for the dunk. sweet but not enough for the hornets. philly wins by 15 but your play of the day. 6:28. coming up, we are just a few minutes away from the opening bell. >> will the dow bounce back after yesterday's dismal drop? ,, we don't call this our company,
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we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. make no mistake about it, this was a devastating storm, maybe the worst that we have ever experienced. >> hurricane sandy paralyzed the east coast leaving millions in the dark and striking images of entire neighborhoods destroyed. >> exhausting just to exist. >> and now a powerful nor'easter is bearing down threatening more power outages in that battered region and we arery residents begging for relief. >> no power, no gas, no nothing. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. another storm system ripping through the east coast victims of hurricane sandy in the middle of recovery efforts. >> today cbs 5 is stepping up to help. we are teaming up with the red cross and hurricane relief fund. cbs 5's roberta gonzales is downstairs at our cbs 5 call center to explain how you can help and i guess a lot of
6:33 am
people already have, right, roberta? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, we are here right now at the hurricane relief fund telethon. i'm going to be here today from right now all the way to 7:00 tonight so you're going to get to know me a little bit here. but i can't do anything without your help. over here we have liam mayclem from "eye on the bay" and he has plenty of pledges already. and then we have from the san jose sharks, the voice of the sharks, mr. randy hahn who has several pledges over here as well because they have been working since 6:00 this morning. so let me see. ramona, calling up from san jose donating $100. cecilia from san francisco, $1,000. we thank you so much. harry $200. and then we have this particular one, this is aaron who called from long island, new york watching us by satellite. if you can't donate money, donate blankets and coats at the american red cross and make that donation because currently temperatures are in the 30s. many people are still without
6:34 am
electricity. it's been over 10 days without power. i want to throw out something special myself because i want you to play along at home with me. what i'd like you to do if you call up right now and donate $250 or more, i will personally give you a tour for four of our cbs 5 studios and you will be my special guest to watch eyewitness news with me while i'm doing the weather so that's out there right now at this time only. call up. i want to hear these phones ringing. $250 or more and say that you want to come see the tour with roberta gonzales. the money goes to the american red cross. that number is 1-888-5-helps-u. what do you think about that frank and michelle? >> i think you're going to be really busy. >> no kidding. i think it's report it us. >> for that for a personalized tour with you, roberta. all right. we are going to check back in with you in just a moment. >> reporter: okay. >> great. well, the nor'easter that hit the mid-atlantic is moving on to new england this morning. we are going to take a live look at new york, manhattan,
6:35 am
it's just blanketed with snow right now. the winter storm moved ashore in the same location where superstorm sandy hit just a little over a week ago. look at all the snow. it's only the first week of november. there are new power outages in the region and up to 8" of snow in some of the areas. teresa garcia is in rockaway beach with more. >> reporter: frank, this was not what people needed after dealing with the devastation of the superstorm sandy. you have so much debris lining the streets and those power companies just trying to get it up and running for people and then here you go again. this is the first nor'easter of the season. it's pretty typical this time of year that it can come on in. but you know what? no one expected it to bring this much snow either. it's actually making some records for november. there are 4" that fell in
6:36 am
central park. a foot in some places in new jersey, connecticut and right here in rockaway beach, it's definitely making the clean-up efforts difficult. >> high winds and heavy snow whipped the boardwalk in rockaway beach in queens, new york. that's where tom ford lives. he was told to evacuate his sandy-damaged home before the winter storm hit but he is not budging. >> i got too much invested here. >> reporter: he said he will weather this storm like the last one with a little help. >> share some food the neighbors come back and get some heat from the fire. >> reporter: towns up and down the coast are scrambling to redirect resources from cleaning up to shoring up. belmar, new jersey, is rebuilding sand dunes on the beach, and the pumps clearing out floodwaters will keep running around the clock. >> we want to be aggressive protecting our community. >> reporter: meteorologists say the snow is a blessing and curse. it's less likely to contribute to flooding, but the snow is more likely to take down trees meaning more power outages. joe and his family have been
6:37 am
without power for 10 days. they got it back yesterday, only to lose it a few hours later when the snow started falling. >> i had a sense we're going to lose power. i just had that feeling. >> reporter: for the millions already without power, the thought of even more nights in the dark is tough. >> it's exhausting just to exist. >> reporter: an army of power workers is already in the northeast because of sandy. officials say they are working around the clock. the good news is that the brunt of the storm is passed through. it's very chilly. if you look at the atlantic ocean, at least now that surf is not too bad. at one point it was breaking up to 10 feet. we have breaks in the clouds and sun peeking through.
6:38 am
there is still so much to clean up. you have that saturated debris. and now you have piles of snow on top of it. >> sunshine is a welcome sight. how about new power outages in new jersey and connecticut and new york? are they getting ahold of that right now? >> reporter: you know, really frustrating for some people who were out for days. they got it back and then boom here came the snow. it was heavy. it brought down trees and more power outages. now, really it's going to take a little while. you have crews coming together. communities like rockaway beach are out for blocks and blocks. the hope is sooner than later. >> people are huddling together out there. teresa, thank you. >> thank you. we are going to lawrence who is live at the hurricane
6:39 am
relief telethon hopefully getting all those phones ringing down there. >> they are ringing off the hook. >> they just had a call in for a $500 and one for $1,000. i think roberta is going to be giving tours for the next 20 years. [ laughter ] >> folks, if you are heading around the bay area today, expect some cool brisk breezy conditions early on, clouds have rolled in and there's a chance of showers in the forecast. especially as we head into the middle of the day and the afternoon. hi-def doppler looking for rain, fairly quiet but in far northern california it's moving in associated with the low that's starting to slide down the coastline bringing with it a chance of rain. partly cloudy skies outside right now. it's a little chilly and the winds continuing to whip around so watch out for debris on the roads. temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. it looks like toward the afternoon we had some highs yesterday in the 60s and 70s. today we'll be lucky to get in the low 60s in parts of the bay area. so yeah, it is going to be cool and it will possibly be a little bit wet at times too.
6:40 am
maybe a couple of snowflakes over the mountaintops. that's the latest from here. let's send it back to traffic with elizabeth. >> we are starting to heat up on the roads including in the south bay. look at our live camera now quite a bit different than just a half hour ago. northbound 101 this is near the trimble exit where we have our photographer standing by this morning showing you those brake lights in the commute direction. we had a fender-bender and stall on the incline. metering lights on extra early and now we are stacked up through the maze. all the approaches are starting to get backed upas well big delays getting into san francisco. brake lights from 280 to 37.
6:41 am
280 clear through downtown san jose. bart now back on time. no delay for bart lines. no delay for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. back to you guys. >> thank you. evacuees are back in their hotel rooms right now after a hazmat scare at a burlingame hotel this morning. firefighters were called to the embassy suites on anza boulevard around midnight. high levels of carbon monoxide were detected inside. crews evacuated everyone from the building. hazmat teams determined a malfunctioning boiler was to blame. once the hotel was aired out, everyone was allowed back in. time now is 6:41. deal in the works? how washington lawmakers plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff." plus a big restaurant opening in walnut creek. why this one won't be without controversy. and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a look at the big board right now. things are looking pretty good. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter
6:42 am
jason brooks. and here's the number again if you want to donate to the victims of hurricane sandy. 1-888-5-helps-u. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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toss traffic toss traffic ts traffic i'm frank mallicoat live in the cbs 5 call center where we are doing everything we can to help folks devastated by hurricane sandy. $50billion in damage, folks without power, without homes, and some lost loved ones and
6:46 am
now a double whammy hit with a nor'easter out of season half a foot of snow in parts of new jersey and new york and up the coastline towards new england. we're doing every we can because the red cross needs your help. we have some video here from new york city. you can see all that snow out there, a lot of new power outages, as well. 400,000 new outages in new jersey alone and some 70,000 in new york and all the problems they have had. the red cross has stepped up in a big way serving over a million meals and snacks to all the people over the last week. they are providing shelter. some 90,000 people are now in shelters via the red cross but they can't do it alone so we are down here this morning try trying to raise awareness, raise money. you see the phone number. 1-888-5-helps-u. roberta is going to be busy doing tours
6:47 am
until next year. >> she will be doing it longer than that because everybody is calling in. you worked in boston areas for years. how do your friends describe that devastation? >> the storm is coming to new england. they are getting a little snow before you i have some friends in new york and new jersey. some that had homes on the coastline that -- yeah, it's devastating. when you go out there and some don't have homes and you know the neighbors and all that kind of thing. >> a lot of homes are gone, power outages everywhere, now the nor'easter and all that snow comes in so you have to feel for that. if you can donate it would be a great time to do it. our weather here, we have changes in the works. cool breeze blowing outside, hi- def doppler still looking for rain. it remains dry right now but that will likely change as we head into the middle of the day in the afternoon. we do have a cold front that swept through but now the low is making its way toward california. that will bring with it a chance of showers especially in the latter part of the day so grab your jackets and grab that umbrella if you are heading out the door. showers and blustery conditions
6:48 am
into the afternoon. staying wet on and off through about friday. that low is going to drop in and as it moves by it will carry with it a chance of more showers and unsettled weather possibly into saturday morning, as well. so as we look out to our future model here you can see those scattered showers rolling on through keeping things unsettled into the afternoon and friday, as well. and this is a cold storm system out of gulf of alaska so it will be on and off brisk and breezy through the next few days. temperatures only in the 50s and 60s for highs. we'll dry in toward the latter part of the weekend and warming up a bit but a chance of showers returns as we head in toward next tuesday. but folks, the big story is the telethon today, we'll be here all day long. going to have all our friends, superstars like mr. frank mallicoat will be here so make sure you call in and donate if you can. they could use it. >> you have already met a raiderette? >> that's part of the raider nation. of course they are going to be here. >> let's kick it back upstairs to liz now with traffic. >> thanks. raiderettes, free breakfast? you're having a good time down there.
6:49 am
thank you very much. let's go out live towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580 is pretty busy this morning. i just checked the drive times. up to a half hour or more between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. so it is slow and go from 205 out of tracy. let's go to our maps and show what you it looks like in the north bay. southbound 101 is actually busy right now through san rafael. otherwise if you are hitting the golden gate bridge no delay all lanes open both directions northbound and southbound 101. free and clear across the span. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. now that the votes have been counted, leaders from both major parties say they are willing to compromise on a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff." president obama called leaders of both parties to start negotiations to deal with the issue. house speaker john boehner said wednesday he is willing to compromise on raising some taxes. vice president joe biden says the obama administration is willing to compromise, as well. the "fiscal cliff" is across- the-board tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to kick
6:50 am
in at the end of the year. the market hopes to recover today from its worst day of the year. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. good day to compromise on the "fiscal cliff." it's going to be absolutely key. that was one of the main reasons why the market dropped so much yesterday along with ongoing concerns about europe's debt crisis. the dow down 300. the market coming back a little this morning. we have economic reports that may be helping out a little. labor department reporting that first time unemployment claims falling by 8,000 to 355,000 last week. important to know that these numbers are going to be skewed for weeks because of hurricane sandy. they might be lower and we might see a surge in a month because of that. the u.s. trade deficit in september falling to its lowest level in two years down to $41.5 billion. 5% off the month before. ex-sports were up over 3% to $187 billion a record high exports. let's see how the market is doing in the early going.
6:51 am
after the big drop yesterday, dow gaining 36 points. nasdaq is up by 9. s&p moving higher by 5 points. apple down another quarter percent and it's now down over 20% to a record high back in september. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and after a cold night outside 100 people have scored free chicken sandwiches for a year. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the chik-fil-a in walnut creek that's offering this deal. i guess we have learned it's never too early for a free chicken sandwich, right? >> reporter: especially on our shift we eat them at 7 a.m. these people are just like us. we were here though when they did do their ribbon-cutting ceremony. take a listen. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: this staff of walnut creek's new chik-fil-a opened their doors welcoming the first 100 customers. there was a lot of excitement
6:52 am
and smiles. >> it was surreal. it's pretty incredible to get this all paid off and sleeping out here and supporting chik- fil-a and it all worked out. >> in a few hours a different group will be out here. they will be here peacefully demonstrating and these groups have continued these extreme protests since the president of the chain spoke out against gay marriage. so nonetheless, it's going to be a busy morning here for people who are enthusiastic about the chain and those who basically will be protesting against it. live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. a big opening today just in time for the holiday season. the bay area's newest and biggest outlet mall will open along interstate 580 in livermore. finishing touches on the 543,000-square-foot paragon mall were being added just yesterday. the outlet mall will have 130
6:53 am
stores offering deals up to 70% off. shops include prada, barney's and banana republic. traffic enforcement will be there for the crowd expected on 580. rewant to remind you that we are -- we want to remind you that we're answering your calls to help victims of sandy. our phone lines opened less than an hour ago and we're already at $6,000. here's the number again: helps helps. we'll be right back. 1-888-5-helps-u. xo÷oxóñóxóxóñóxó
6:54 am
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6:56 am
beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. for our hurricane relief fu. cbs 5's roberta gonzales you can help. time know 6:56. cbs 5 helps the victims of hurricane sandy. we are teaming up with the red cross for a hurricane relief fund. we will be all day. cbs 5's roberta gonzales explains how you can help. those phones are busy.
6:57 am
>> reporter: the phones are ringing off the hook. another tour! just for this last half hour i have been saying to folks if you call up with a $250 donation to the american red cross, i would personally give you a tour of our cbs 5 studios for four people and also you can be my guests on the cbs 5 newscast and let me see. who just called in? steve jones from san leandro. $270. thank you, sir. thanks to all of you who have been calling up and giving so generously. to give you an idea, we want to put a face on the american red cross. we have emily white to join us. just how dire is this situation? >> well, it's a serious situation and the need keeps growing. so we really appreciate all the support. the bay area community has been overwhelming in the support they have been able to give. thank you. >> reporter: i think everybody here in the bay area who we are a generous community but they want to know where does this money go? we are sending it to the east coast for the superstorm sandy relief fund. >> the red cross has deployed all the resources available to it to respond to this hurricane
6:58 am
and super storm. we have more than 5800 volunteers that volunteer their time and spending a minimum of two weeks out there helping their neighbors and folks on the east coast. and we're providing shelter support. we are providing hot meals and clean-up kits. really anything that's needed to keep people safe and warm. >> i think people have to remember that 53,000 people are still in shelters this morning alone from this super storm. that's almost the size of dublin, california. so that puts a good perspective on the situation. now, we want a drum roll because we want to see what our tally is just since 6 a.m. with all of your support. okay, drum roll... da da da da da da da! let's take a look. donation tally... $6,000 plus just in the past 58 minutes. bay area, hey, everybody here, so far $6,000! >> whoo! >> hard to have them cheering because they are all on the phones. 1-888-5-helps-u. lawrence? >> that's fantastic.
6:59 am
here you go, roberta. there's some more tours coming your way. we are lining them up. hey folks, we have changes coming our way as we have some showers moving into the bay area today. so be prepared and grab that jacket if you are heading out the door. hi-def doppler showing you things quiet now but that will change. clouds are partly cloudy out across the bay area skies. temperatures running into the 40s and 50s this afternoon. they will likely see the showers picking up staying unsettled through friday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. just want to make a quick note there is an accident northbound 280 approaching wolf road. a couple of lanes are blocked possible injuries. we are starting to see big delays. >> thank you. thanks for watching "eyewitness news this morning." thank you once again for all of the donations to the victims of hurricane sandy. remember, our call lines are open until 7:00 tonight. are we hearing $9,700? >> yeah. that's a new number. >> wahoo! captions by: caption colorado had 1-888-5-helps-u


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